1. OverlandSphere

    China - Overland Tours 2017

    China Overland Tours for 2017 **Mohan-Erenhot (Laos-China-Mongolia)** Enter on 25th May, duration is 17 days in China. **Mohan-Erenhot (Laos-China-Mongolia)** Enter on 14th June, duration is 16 days in China. – Cars / Trucks only **Erenhot-Mohan (Mongolia-China-Laos)** Entry is for...
  2. M

    Convoy travel Kyrgystan-China-Pakistan Sept.2017

    Hey guys, we plan to get the route from Kyrgyztan-China-Pakistan... when: around September 2017 we are: couple from Germany, we travel the world and want to go to India...and further...with our Unimog-mobilehome.. we are open for every kind of rolling-vehicle... our homepage: Länge x...
  3. OverlandSphere

    Is China Overland self drive without a guide option dead?

    In Oct 2014 Laura from Lauras travel tales reported that Overland travel in China Self Drive with out a guide was now possible. Following this announcement and lots of hard work from Laura to find tour companies willing to take travellers without a guide things were looking up for self drivers...
  4. M25Roundabout

    Military Grade Expedition Motorhome for Sale in UK.

    Please follow link below to see details of Motorhome for sale. Many thanks, Simon.

    Convoy crossing China April 2015

    Hello there I read the soonest I start dealing with the crossing from China the better will be. I am giving you a quick rundown of my schedule .I am leaving Greece in the end of August 2014 and after a quick trip in the Balkans I am entering Turkey and via Iran I will head to India .I would...
  6. A

    China 2014

    We are planning an overland trip to China in 2014, we have already explored various options and are waiting for a couple of tour companies to get back to us with news of other groups that we could join up with to help save on the costs. One possible plan is to go Mongolia > China > Tibet >...
  7. 2

    Convoy crossing China around sept/oct 2014 - Mongolia to Laos

    Hello, We are a Dutch couple that is preparing an overland trip to South East Asia. Our plan in to start in spring 2014, travel the Kaukasus and Central Asia to Mongolia. From there we hope to find/organise a convoy to cross China (from Mongolia into Laos). We expect that this would be...
  8. K

    Convoy through China Spring 2014 - Laos to Mongolia

    Hi all, We are on the search for travelling buddies / cost sharers for a trip through China in spring time 2014. We are currently in SE Asia after having made our outbound journey from Europe over the last few months. Since we have a camper van, we are looking for other 4x4s / campers, since...