1. C

    Panama to Colombia Share Container around Mid October

    Hi everyone! I'm very soon to start traveling through South America, although first I have to figure out a way to cross my little CGL 125 Honda from Panama to Colombia. After reading several blogs of people that have done something similar it seems that there are not that many ways of...
  2. E


  3. Elias Branch

    For SALE: Ford Econoline with Bed inside, AC, etc. Panama in January - beginning of February 2017

    [-------- SOLD --------] --- The must knows --- * Van - Ford Econoline - Perfect Travel Van, huge interior, AC, new radio, good for taking people with you and saving on gasoline (we did Mexico-Panama without any problems, jun-dec 2016) * For sale around january - beginning of february in...
  4. R

    Ford F-250 for Sale.

    Greetings. My name is Roger, I came to Pitalito – Colombia last year first time and decided to move here permanently. I had been traveling central and south America for nearly a year. I have been staying with a friend here in Pitalito and we’ve been looking at the possibility of exporting...
  5. OverlandSphere

    Panama - DIJ & Customs - Shipping to Colombia

    Getting your DIJ A DIJ is a police inspection of your vehicle, confirming it is not stolen or has been reported to the police for another reason. To obtain your DIJ you must complete a police inspection in the morning, and then pick up your DIJ in the afternoon from the Dirección de...
  6. S

    Cartagena-Colon share a shipping container

    Hello All, I am currently in Medellin with my Jeep, but plan on heading up to Cartagena in a few days. I was hoping to split a shipping container to Colon by the end of February. Let me know if you are interested! -Sam
  7. OverlandSphere

    A New Ferry Express Panama to Colombia Vehicle Ferry

    A Colombian based company Ferry Tour Travel / Ferry Express Tour is advertising a new Panama to Colombia vehicle ferry service. The Company details two new routes Ferry routes servicing Cartagena (Colombia) – Colón (Panamá) – Bocas del Toro(Panamá) – Puerto López (Ecuador) – Puerto Nuevo...
  8. OverlandSphere

    San Blas Ferry - New Panama – Colombia Vehicle Ferry - RORO

    San Blas Ferry - New Panama – Colombia Ferry Service SERVICE CANCELLED Unable to obtain permission to dock in Colombia The San Blas Ferry is due to restart its Panama – Colombia vehicle service on the 4th of August 2015. The San Blas ferry had previously sailed in 2014, due to Ferry Xpress...
  9. OverlandTheWorld

    Houston to Cartagena 40 ft container share

    Hello, We are looking for a partner to share a 40 foot container with at the end of June from Houston to Cartagena. The vessel departs weekly. Anybody interested? Thanks, Monica
  10. OverlandSphere

    Panama - Colombia Container share

    Looking to a share container to or from Panama to Colombia? Please post your details in the thread below, shipping from and to and expected dates RORO The only roro service from Panama to Colombia is with SC Line. Rates and schedules for RORO are detailed here * There is no Ferry Xpress nor...
  11. OverlandSphere

    Exclusive Ferry Xpress Discount - Panama to Colombia Car Ferry

    SERVICE CANCELLED Not Expected to resume!! Overland Discount – Good News!! – Updated 30 Jan 2015 Ferry Xpress, the company operating the Panama to Colombia Car Ferry across the Darien Gap is offering Overland Sphere Contributors a 15% discount on published shipping rates. (non-contributors...
  12. OverlandSphere

    Colombia: Popayan - Inza

    Below is a post from Summary: if planing pn driving the Popayan - Inza road or around San Agustin, please check with local police army whether its safe. INFO concerning FARC in Colombia: we drove the road between Popayan - Inza 2 months ago and knew about the FARC in the...
  13. J

    Crossing the Darien Gap (Panama to Colombia)

    Hi everybody, I am going to be crossing the Darien Gap sometime in july 2014. Me and my van (Libertad) are looking for somebody to share the cost of renting a container to ship from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia, as that is the "easiest" and quickest route. I do speak spanish as my first...