1. My Overland Adventure

    North America (USA Canada) CDP Carnet Information Boomerang Carnets

    Prior to 2015, in North America the CAA would issue carnets to both US and Canadian residents. Since 2015 the CAA no longer issues carnets. CDP's are managed by both the AIT and FIA, normally local agreements exist, where an issuing country's association will agree to issue carnets on behalf...
  2. My Overland Adventure

    Carnet - A Petition for Change ( RAC ADAC FIA ) UK Europe

    Hi All, Today we had the RAC send us a nice email, on the last Friday before Christmas whilst we are in Colombia, to tell us that they have written to our bank to make a claim on our Bank Guarantee for a carnet used in 2012 -2013. They did not tell us a claim had been made, They did not allow...