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    Thailand Overland - Agents Guide & Permit - May 2017 Group

    Thailand Transit - Malaysia to Cambodia Late May 2017 Is anyone interested in joining a group late May 2017 (+- 2 weeks) to cross from Malaysia to Cambodia? They may also be opportunities to join others in Vietnam and transiting Thailand from Laos to Myanmar at later dates. Please contact us...
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    China - Overland Tours 2017

    China Overland Tours for 2017 **Mohan-Erenhot (Laos-China-Mongolia)** Enter on 25th May, duration is 17 days in China. **Mohan-Erenhot (Laos-China-Mongolia)** Enter on 14th June, duration is 16 days in China. – Cars / Trucks only **Erenhot-Mohan (Mongolia-China-Laos)** Entry is for...
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    Thailand Overland - Agents Guide & Permit

    Since 2017 all vehicles (registered outside SE Asia) are required to have both a guide. Official English Translation of Rules being implemented for all new applications to enter Thailand. Note: 1) No vans, camper cars, buses, trucks, vehicles over 3500kg or that have over 9 seats 2) Required...
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    Other Official Partner - Travel Activ

    Travel Activ - A UK based company and tour agency is the official partner of both the Overlanding Association and OverlandShpere Travel Activ provide competitive prices for Overland Tours, Guides and Permits through out Asia and the rest of the world.
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    Iran Visa - Guide Required for Iran UK, Candian and USA - Not Australians

    Latest News Currently gaining entry into Iran for British nationals for Overland travel is becoming difficult, people have been refused entry, or have had their visa permit denied on multiple occasions. 1st December 2011 the Iranian Consulate in London closed until further notice the only...
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