1. OverlandSphere

    Shippign Agent Nicaragua

    Act as agent for NYK & EUKOR Roro They can also arrange container shipping Tel: (505) 2278-6394 / 505-2278-5307 / 505-342-2729
  2. Freedom With Bruno

    Getting Your Car Onto Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

    This post could be titled: “Bruno Goes For A Boat Ride”. It’s the only way to get him over to Isla de Ometepe with its two prominent volcanoes, out in the middle of Lago Nicaragua. Detailed below is all the gory details for overlanders planning to undertake this wonderful adventure. May 14...
  3. N

    SALE URGENT: 1989 FORD ECONOLINE 350 camper van Nicaragua or Costa Rica

    Alternatively please check our Craigslist advertisement
  4. My Overland Adventure

    Nicaragua to Costa Rica Border Crossing – Penas Blancas – La Cruz

    We found the Nicaragua to Costa Rica border crossing quite time consuming. Normally an exit is quick and easy, but when a few coach loads of tourists turn up and it’s lunch time, you can end up waiting and waiting….. The Costa Rica side was quite straight forward especially if you follow the...
  5. My Overland Adventure

    Honduras to Nicaragua – Guasaule / Somotillo Border Crossing

    We found the Honduras to Nicaragua border crossing quite relaxed, exiting Honduras was a breeze and entering Nicaragua was not difficult at all. The local kids gave us a chance to practice our Spanish and kept us entertained while the paper work was processed. Honduras Exit Immigration The...
  6. OverlandSphere

    How to renew your vehicle import permit in Nicaragua

    Information provided by The Next Adventures If you need more time than the initial 30 days permit that is issued to you at the border for your vehicle like we did then look no further here is what you will have to do to renew your vehicle import permit in Nicaragua. To obtain another 30 days...