1. OverlandSphere

    Recommended Overlanding Books

    Please feel free to create a new thread with details of your book and there buy it. Your thread should have the title set as follows: Author: xxxxx Title: xxxxx Release Date: xxxx You can also join our Overland Travel & Adventure Writers facebook group
  2. A

    ONLY $3750 - Cheap, stylish & reliable overlanding vehicle

    Hey everybody, After living the dream for over a year, it is now sadly time to say goodbye to our best friend, our beloved 1985 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon. This is probably the cheapest, most stylish and reliable overlanding vehicle nobody is aware of. While others spend tens of thousands of...
  3. Terratrotter

    Terratrotter - Overlanding fulltime in STEYR12M18

    “We are actually doing this!” Sometimes we are still flabbergasted by this, maybe even more than our family and friends. We are really building a 4x4 expedition truck to travel the world with. No red circle in our calendar to indicate our return date. The only prospect we have, is that of...
  4. travelcamp

    Dreaming of Overlanding Africa

    We are in the planning stages of an adventure through Africa, hoping to ship a vehicle to Cape Town and eventually drive up the west side of Africa, ferrying across to europe. We are pretty sure our friends and family are going to think we are absolutely crazy, thus we are not letting the cat...

    Camping equipment

    Camping equipment Posted in Equipment on May 14th, 2014 by alibaba2000gr Overland Roof top Tent ( 1 Piece) Sleeping Bags(-10oC to -5oC)(2 pieces) Fleece Internal Sheet(1 double) Sheets and Pillow cases( 2 Set) Gas Stove Coleman /Gas Bottle(1/4 pieces) Cooking Set (2 pieces)...
  6. Central Overland

    Ten Tips for Making New Friends While Traveling Overland

    Just because it’s the road less traveled doesn’t mean you’re the only one on it. Traveling overland can be very rewarding, but it can also mean a lot of long, lonely miles far from home. This is true whether you’re solo or riding with a co-pilot or two. Inevitably, every traveler is going to...