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    Other Official Partner - Travel Activ

    Travel Activ - A UK based company and tour agency is the official partner of both the Overlanding Association and OverlandShpere Travel Activ provide competitive prices for Overland Tours, Guides and Permits through out Asia and the rest of the world.
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    Thailand New Rules Updates

    Thailand Update: We have received an email today from the Department of Land Transport (DLT) confirming that they plan to require foreign travellers with vehicles to have official tour guide and Thai-registered vehicle assisting them throughout the journey in Thailand. No time frame for the...
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    Cambodia Permits, Carnets - New rules

    Cambodia, It seems the situation with Carnets in Cambodia is getting worse with more people not being allowed to enter with a Temporary Import Permit on the border and instead being asked for a carnet, or to apply for a permit in Phnom Penh (which can take up to 7 days). In the next few days we...