1. Lucio Andrade

    Hola, soy un nuevo viajero!

    Hola, he viajado pero nunca con la idea de viajar por viajar! Espero hacer EL VIAJE recorriendo Sud y centro america en un motor home Soy de Tucuman, Argetina y hay mucho por aprender aun !!
  2. E


  3. O

    [SOLD] 4x4 Mitsubishi Montero 2003 Limited around 230,000km

    I am selling my car at the end of my road trip from California. I am planning on ending my road trip at July in Peru. The car has been modified into a simple camper and has 2 seats, a bed and a storage area. (see pictures). The car is in great condition with all the original documents...
  4. F

    Driving in Northern Peru

    Hello. My wife and I live in Ecuador and are planning an overland trip into Northern Peru for a few weeks this summer. Our main concern is the time it takes to get from one place to another and don't want to be stuck camping on the side of a random road (in a tent) or driving at night. In...