1. OverlandSphere

    Shipping EU to North America Canada / USA

    Information on our shipping partners services from Europe to North America RORO & Container Canada - Halifax (RORO) USA (New York, Baltimore, Brunswick etc) Shipping Rates RORO rates start from £38/€44/$49 per cubic meter. For RORO you may declare and clear your vehicle with customs without...
  2. Austin

    Cartagena to Colon: Container Share or RORO?

    Hi everybody, New to the forums here, and I just posted my introduction in the corresponding thread. Anyhow, I've been researching my trip through various sources and am getting to the point now where I need to be planning the transport of my vehicle from Cartagena to Colon. Based on some...
  3. Y

    Shipping from USA to Colombia

    Hi Folks, Does someone have Shipped from USA to Colombia? We are looking to ship our 24' RV from Florida or somewhere else to Cartagena. I've spend a lot of time these days to found a shipping company? Which company have you used? Have you use a Broker to load or unload it? any help is...
  4. OverlandSphere

    Shippign Agent Nicaragua

    Act as agent for NYK & EUKOR Roro They can also arrange container shipping Tel: (505) 2278-6394 / 505-2278-5307 / 505-342-2729
  5. OverlandSphere

    Shipping RORO - List of Car Carriers - Route Maps

    Worldwide Car Carriers for RORO shipping Many overland travellers have asked who provides roro services and where they go to. To help you plan you overland trip we have put together a list of RORO carriers, we have linked to the RORO shipping route maps where possible. All services can be...
  6. OverlandSphere

    Panama - Colombia Container share

    Looking to a share container to or from Panama to Colombia? Please post your details in the thread below, shipping from and to and expected dates RORO The only roro service from Panama to Colombia is with SC Line. Rates and schedules for RORO are detailed here * There is no Ferry Xpress nor...