1. TaWa

    Share a container from Australia to South Africa

    Hi, We are a german couple, intend to ship our Landcruiser Bushcamper from Australia (Brisbane) to South Africa (Cape Town) somewhere between Feb. and Sept. 2018. We are looking for other people to share a 40" High Cube Container with. More than 20" are free We already have a shipping agent...
  2. S

    Cartagena-Colon share a shipping container

    Hello All, I am currently in Medellin with my Jeep, but plan on heading up to Cartagena in a few days. I was hoping to split a shipping container to Colon by the end of February. Let me know if you are interested! -Sam
  3. D

    Container Share from Brisbane, Australia to Chennai, India Dec 2015

    Hi All, I'm planning on shipping my Land Rover from Brisbane, Australia to Chennai India mid December 2015. So are looking if any fellow overlanders in Australia would be interested in sharing a container. I have today e-mailed 3 shipping agents so will hopefully have some info on costs and...