1. R

    I am looking for mobile data for travelling.

    I am a businessman who travel a lot and my roaming fees are extremely high. Anyone found the solutions? Please share.
  2. Pan to US

    FOR SALE! Ford campervan in NYC

    Finished our trip! We are now selling our beloved old-school and super cool Vanny.Van in NYC. It helped us get to every corner we wanted to between Panama and New York. Now it’s your turn! 1985 Ford E-250, Okanagan campervan. V8 5.8L 161,000 miles (257,600 km) 2 main gas tanks for long drives...
  3. traveling 2gether journal

    California to Panama... Overland Adventure Travel

    My wife and I have been traveling through Mexico and Central America for 1 year. We will soon be turning around in Panama and heading back to North America for a few more adventures before the cash runs out. We have been producing a vlog-style video series on YouTube about our travels. If you...
  4. M

    Convoy travel Kyrgystan-China-Pakistan Sept.2017

    Hey guys, we plan to get the route from Kyrgyztan-China-Pakistan... when: around September 2017 we are: couple from Germany, we travel the world and want to go to India...and further...with our Unimog-mobilehome.. we are open for every kind of rolling-vehicle... our homepage: Länge x...
  5. R

    Ford F-250 for Sale.

    Greetings. My name is Roger, I came to Pitalito – Colombia last year first time and decided to move here permanently. I had been traveling central and south America for nearly a year. I have been staying with a friend here in Pitalito and we’ve been looking at the possibility of exporting...
  6. O

    [SOLD] 4x4 Mitsubishi Montero 2003 Limited around 230,000km

    I am selling my car at the end of my road trip from California. I am planning on ending my road trip at July in Peru. The car has been modified into a simple camper and has 2 seats, a bed and a storage area. (see pictures). The car is in great condition with all the original documents...
  7. TheOverlanders

    Why Travel with a Land Rover!?

    Have a quick read of this: Why travel with a Land Rover!? Do you think it pretty much sums it up? What are your experiences of overlanding in a Land Rover? Stay safe and try not to get lost Gwyn & Linzi The Overlanders...