1. David Modini

    FOR SALE 2008 Ford Super Duty 4x4 Crew Cab with Explorer slide on Camper

    Available early to mid December and priced to sell! Our family of 5 have been been calling this beauty home since January and sadly, we will have to say a reluctant goodbye in December. Wish we could stay another year, or two, or three. Can be made available anywhere between Santiago and...
  2. huebsch

    Shipping of Motohome to Canada and later on to Europe

    Hi all, We want to ship our Motorhome in March or April from Malaysia to Canada (West-Coast) and in July from from Canada (Est-Coast) to Continantal Europe. Our car is a Mercedes Benz 914 AK: -built in 1995 -weight: 7500kg -Length: 7m -heigth: 3,6m -Width: 2,5m Anyone an idea how to do that...
  3. M25Roundabout

    Military Grade Expedition Motorhome for Sale in UK.

    Please follow link below to see details of Motorhome for sale. Many thanks, Simon.
  4. bob4wdadventures

    Overlanders ! 4x4 RV EXPEDITION Vehicle for sale in Mexico

    Overlanders ! 4x4 RV EXPEDITION Vehicle for sale in Mexico Built on a Mitsubishi Canter/Fuso FG 4x4, very agile (SWB), diesel, well equipped. Good condition, very well maintained, no known defect. Pictures, thorough description and contact details: google this blog...
  5. OverlandSphere

    Welcome - Please Read

    Welcome to the Overland Sphere Forum! The Overland Sphere forum is free to use and open to all overland travellers regardless of location or vehicle choice. The forum was recently launched in June 2013, with your help we hope to develop an open forum of overlanders from across the globe...