1. Pan to US

    FOR SALE! Ford campervan in NYC

    Finished our trip! We are now selling our beloved old-school and super cool Vanny.Van in NYC. It helped us get to every corner we wanted to between Panama and New York. Now it’s your turn! 1985 Ford E-250, Okanagan campervan. V8 5.8L 161,000 miles (257,600 km) 2 main gas tanks for long drives...
  2. Matthias Verstrynge

    For sale: fully equipped camper van in Chile (September) /// NEW ENGINE

    After traveling through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador we will say goodbye to our beloved home on wheels “Tio”. It’s a Chilean plated Hyundai H-100 and we’re planning to sell it near Santiago de Chile around September. As he took good care of us we took good care of him. He never broke down on...
  3. Jerome

    For sale: a fully equiped van in Chile : Kitchen / Solar Panel / Oven / Blender / real bed / Alarm

    We are a French couple selling our amazing fully equipped van Hyundai H100 enhanced : El “Shanti”. After having bought it 5 months ago in Punta Arenas and after a good road trip in Chile and Argentina we are going back to France! It is an old van but freshly transformed by a frenchman 1 year...
  4. David Modini

    FOR SALE 2008 Ford Super Duty 4x4 Crew Cab with Explorer slide on Camper

    Available early to mid December and priced to sell! Our family of 5 have been been calling this beauty home since January and sadly, we will have to say a reluctant goodbye in December. Wish we could stay another year, or two, or three. Can be made available anywhere between Santiago and...
  5. R


    We are selling our Ford Econoline E250 (Year: 1985) Campervan with 2 bicycles and room for up to 4 persons in Panama or Costa Rica. It comes with California plates and has a title. - milage: 52.000 - rear-wheel drive - engine: 5.8 l, 8 cylinders - fuel: gas Almost everything in the car is...
  6. Elias Branch

    For SALE: Ford Econoline with Bed inside, AC, etc. Panama in January - beginning of February 2017

    [-------- SOLD --------] --- The must knows --- * Van - Ford Econoline - Perfect Travel Van, huge interior, AC, new radio, good for taking people with you and saving on gasoline (we did Mexico-Panama without any problems, jun-dec 2016) * For sale around january - beginning of february in...
  7. zenpablo

    cheap and ready for the road chevy sportvan for sale in mexico!!

    it is really a perfect van for a couple of travellers, but could transport up to 5 very comfortable people. heres a little description. its an oldish model, 1988, but very solidly constructed! it has a v8 engine, power steering, and automatic gears. has california plates, all the paperwork is up...
  8. B

    For Sale: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 134 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late Ju

    For Sale: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 134 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late July 2015 Santiago, Chile. We have had the time of our lives road- tripping from California to Chile and it is now time to sell the vehicle that has comfortably got us to here. We were originally...
  9. N

    SALE URGENT: 1989 FORD ECONOLINE 350 camper van Nicaragua or Costa Rica

    Alternatively please check our Craigslist advertisement