1. F

    Looking for a family overland vehicle

    Hi, I hope this is the right location to post this, if not, let me know or move it! We are a soon to be family of four and plan to spend ~9 month in South America overlanding. We are trying to figure out what the ideal vehicle would be. We were looking a Sprinter Van type vehicles, pick ups...
  2. E

    Planning - Cape Town to Singapore

    Good day I'm considering a trip from Cape Town to Singapore and could use some advice. This journey appears to be possible, even though I haven't found information on anyone doing it, but I have read about people travelling from London to Singapore, from Cape Town to London, etc. My idea is to...
  3. OverlandSphere

    A New Ferry Express Panama to Colombia Vehicle Ferry

    A Colombian based company Ferry Tour Travel / Ferry Express Tour is advertising a new Panama to Colombia vehicle ferry service. The Company details two new routes Ferry routes servicing Cartagena (Colombia) – Colón (Panamá) – Bocas del Toro(Panamá) – Puerto López (Ecuador) – Puerto Nuevo...
  4. OverlandSphere

    Buying a Vehicle in Chile?

    Check out this guide shared by one of our group members How To Buy a Car in Chile --- Updated 2015 New RUT Rules Or follow the post in our Facebook Overland Group‬
  5. Brendan Doherty

    UK Registered Land Rover Discovery 1, 300 TDI - In Southern Africa- ONLY $4999 US

    UK Registered Land Rover Discovery 1, 300 TDI - ONLY $4999 US For sale in Southern Africa (pickup/CARNET SWAP can be arranged for just about any country South of Tanzania) * ONLY 115,000 MILES * 5 NEW (20,000 MILES) COOPER DISCOVERER ATT TIRES * STEEL RIMS * NEW OLD MAN EMU SUSPENSION (20,000...
  6. bob4wdadventures

    Overlanders ! 4x4 RV EXPEDITION Vehicle for sale in Mexico

    Overlanders ! 4x4 RV EXPEDITION Vehicle for sale in Mexico Built on a Mitsubishi Canter/Fuso FG 4x4, very agile (SWB), diesel, well equipped. Good condition, very well maintained, no known defect. Pictures, thorough description and contact details: google this blog...