A family with 4 kids taking on Africa !

Nov 25, 2015
South Africa
Fasten your seat belt! You’ve just jumped in our 4×4 next to Louison (7 years old), Léontine (5), Oscar (3) and Achille (1); get ready for an amazing journey through Africa and South America!

Far away from the tar roads, we’re taking you through southern Africa on the remote tracks.We’ll not only take you to see the big 5 on safaris, we’ll also meet some of the most ancient tribes and drive through beautiful landscapes. More than just an adventure, this is a real challenge. We’re leaving all modern comfort behind and will only travel with the very basics, all of it packed in our south african 4×4 trailer. Whatever the weather, we’ll be camping into the wild, without running water nor electricity.

We’ll be living in the smallest house of all : a tent… but with the biggest garden of all : Africa !

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