A New Ferry Express Panama to Colombia Vehicle Ferry


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A Colombian based company Ferry Tour Travel / Ferry Express Tour is advertising a new Panama to Colombia vehicle ferry service.

The Company details two new routes Ferry routes servicing Cartagena (Colombia) – Colón (Panamá) – Bocas del Toro(Panamá) – Puerto López (Ecuador) – Puerto Nuevo Terminal Marítimo Callao (Perú) – Isla San Lorenzo (Perú) – Valparaiso (Chile).


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So this is what we know or don’t know about this new service:

• The company is not the same as the one who operated Ferry Xpress
• The Owner of last years service and the port says it will not run ( he is a businessman in Panama and owns many tour related companies as well)
• They have pictures on their website and fb page of the SNAV Adricatico, the ferry used last year which is currently moored in the Med, and used by another company. They have confirmed this.
• After pointing this out to the company, they now say “oh we have different ship with the same name”? Really? They do not show up on any vessel tracking websites.
• On their websites they had a sailing two days ago, there is no evidence of these ships entering any ports.
• On their website they show these ships being in Panama on the 16th, on the arrivals and departures of all Panama ports theses ships are NOT detailed - I have asked for evidence that the ships exist on their website
• There are no photos of this services taking place – I have asked for these on their fb page
• FX operation, was organised, it had offices and English speaking staff, was advertised and there was a lot of media about their sailings.
• FX was loss making and it does not make any financial sense for another operator to pick up this route, the rates being charged are a flat rate for any service? And would not make a profit.
• They have not pre-organised customs to be present during loading and unloading, there were significant issues when it was organised.
• Nearly all sailings until mid December are marked full? How?
• Invoices do not include the company's details
• Invoices detail an Individuals and not a companies bank account

My initial thoughts on were that they may have been genuinely trying to start a service but are unlikely to have enough bookings / commitment to start the service, or lease the ships.

However after further thought and considering the invoice is made payable to an individual and there is no official company information, then this is more than likely to be a scam...
They are trying to get peoples money in advance before sailing as an incentive / discount…

How do you know you would get your money back if it did not sail, is this a genuine company?? Are they protected, are you protect through travel insurance?

As stated, I would not book this service until the following:

• They have proven that the ships exist, this can be verified by information on Marine traffic showing the current location of said ships
• If a sailing have taken place surely there are photos of this and can provide them
• They confirm that they have engaged with customs at each port or you will not be disembarking!! (ask for details of port fees as well)
• They have had at least one successful sailing embarking and disembarking.

Please do not be tempted to part with your money to save a $200… .you could loose it all !!!!!

I will not comment more on this issue until something more tangible is available, good luck everyone

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Stephan Cogels

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I just read on www.overlanderphere.com that French people used the ferry in Dec 2015 ! They posted a review dated 11 Dec 2015 as follows: "Compagnie: FERRY XPRESSprix de la traversée: 818$ Quel bonheur d’avo ir pu embarquer sur le fameux Ferry. C’est un sujet qui revenait dans la bouche de tous les voyageurs que nous… " Details of the whole experience is explained further. IS IT TRUE? Is the Ferry Xpress operational again?? Is this not a SCAM after all?
We are desperately trying to ship RoRo our RV - Camping Car from Panama to Colombia. The earliest ship is only on 28 Jan 2016 which is too late.
Does anyone one have suggestions? We can ship our Vehicle Roro from anywhere in Panama (even Porto Limon in Costa Rica) to anywhere in Colombia.
Thank you for your reply.
Stephan stephancogels@yahoo.co.uk


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@Stephan Cogels I think the post you reference is from March / April 2015 they just updated there site or something recently, that was the actual "Ferry Xpress", the one mentioned above s "Ferry Express"

The new service appears to be a scam, none of their advertised services have sailed, people who did book had their bookings canceled etc etc it will not happen, you can read more here. Log into Facebook | Facebook

There are RORO services from Costa Rica to Ecuador, but not Colombia.

You can also ship flat rack, but it would be very expensive.

Other RORO shipper like MOL or NYK operate from Panama Canal, you could see if they would take your shipment RORO, the details below are north bound, or try searching through the route maps of other RORO carriers. Shipping RORO - List of Car Carriers - Route Maps

There may also be RORO ships from Manzanillo to Ecuador etc, but you would have to again look through the route maps or the arrivals and departures at the ports to see which ships dock at those ports.



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Try contacting any of the following agents for other Flat rack rates or other services:

Everlogistics - Container
Bienvenidos a Ever Logistics
See their blog for steps on clearing your vehicle in Cartagena Crossing Panama: Steps To Follow At Cartagena
*Boris will also try and help you find a shipping partner, and will allow you to drive your car into the container.

Other Contacts - Its always good to get several quotes
Seabord Marine

Barwil Agencia S.A

The Rozo Group
The Rozo Group, Maritime agents
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