Best banh mi in Hanoi – Where to eat the best banh mi in Hanoi


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Aug 15, 2018
  1. Banh mi Dinh Ngang
In the list of the best Banh mi in Hanoi, we should mention Tram Banh mi in Dinh Ngang street. Actually, the restaurant’s food is simple including pate, fatty sausage, pork fillet, fried eggs, some cucumber pieces but thanks to its sauce added to make the bread more special with the mixed flavors of salty, sweet, bar, fat, harmonic.

The best Banh mi in Hanoi – Dinh Ngang Banh mi
In addition, this restaurant also serves Banh Mi Sot vang. With many guests, this food is not a signature food of the restaurant, but it is very delicious.

  1. Duc Long bread, Luong Ngoc Quyen
This is one of the best Banh mi in Hanoi. It used to be located in Hang Bac street but now transferred to Luong Ngoc Quyen with tables and chairs for guests to eat at the place. Plus, the bread of Duc Long is so delicious and eating a haft of a bread can make you full.
Duc Long restaurant
In addition to bread kebap, recently, this bread also added some variations such as kebap disk, potato kebab, rice kebab. The price is also considered as a plus point of the restaurant when fairly affordable, Kebab ordinary cake cost 30,000VND, and other kinds of rice, kebab in dish prices in the range of 40,000VND to 50,000VND
The best banh mi in Hanoi is served in Duc Long restaurant
  1. Banh mi pate Lan Ong
The original shop used to be located in Lan Ong but now moved to Cha Ca street. Bread of the shop is unique and not similar as other places that loyal to the pate. It is simple but thanks to the pate, it makes an unique of the best mi in Hanoi.

The special pate of Lan Ong Banh mi

In addition to the traditional flavor, to satisfy the diners coming from abroad, the restaurant has added some new ingredients such as sausage, bacon. The shops with food spacious, open from late morning until late. Although it is in the old quarter and is elegant but the price of cake here is quite affordable, only from 20,000VND to 35,000VND/ each unit

  1. Banh mi Le Dai Hanh
This is not a bakery, but a humble old car on the corner of Le Dai Hanh intersection with Le Dai Hanh alley. But the bread here is so popular to locals that every morning, it is always crowded guests to buy breakfast, lunch and is rated as the best banh mi in Hanoi.

The best banh mi in Hanoi on Le Dai Hanh street
Although there are many kinds of spring rolls to choose from, but the most popular is the fat and crispy one. The bread will be kept warm until serving to the customers. The ingredients are tasty, crispy are added with some handmade sauce, mayonnaise. All of the ingredients make the best banh mi in Hanoi with good quality compared to the price of 22,000VND per unit. Bread Le Dai Hanh sell from morning to evening.
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