Carnet de Passage - Uk to Australia Lock Down is making us do it!


New Overlander
May 27, 2020

I'm looking for some help if possible, during lockdown we have been re-evaluating our lives and we have decided to try and make a trip of a life time over to Australia for 3 weeks.

We want to do some extreme off roading (yes Youtube has a lot to answer for) in Vistoria, so Melbourne is our chosen port to get to. I've been searching the internet for costs of shipping and came across the need for a Carnet de Passage, which seems straight forward enough however there is so much conflicting information about the cost of shipping, the charges for importing and port costs as well as the horror stories about cleaning the vehicle.

Does anybody have any idea how much we should budget to ship a Land Rover Defender 90 over to Melbourne for 3 weeks, and has anyone got recent experience of doing this in the past 12 months. I know COVID is an issue at the moment, but hopefully that's not going to last for ever.