Cartagena to Colon: Container Share or RORO?


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Hi everybody,

New to the forums here, and I just posted my introduction in the corresponding thread. Anyhow, I've been researching my trip through various sources and am getting to the point now where I need to be planning the transport of my vehicle from Cartagena to Colon.
Based on some perfunctory research today, it looks like if I want to go with a RORO service (cheaper than container share, correct?), the vehicle would be inevitably routed to the USA before eventually ending up in Panama? Or am I misunderstanding something here? RORO sounds like a good option for me, as it is generally less expensive and I wouldn't have to depend on a shipping partner that might cause more unforeseen delays. But...

What about a container share... I will be traveling in a (very) small vehicle, a 1971 Fiat 600R. Sharing a container with another small vehicle, or two motorcycles, seems like a pretty feasible option for me. If I share a container, is the vehicle still routed to the USA before it ends up in Panama?

If a container share from Cartagena to Colon sounds good to anyone on here, I am thinking sometime around mid-late February to be leaving Cartagena.
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