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In octobre we will start our trip from Ontario, Canada to Costa Rica and back again. We have 6 months to do so. Question: can we use the TIP's on our way back? Or do we have to cancel when we leave a country and get a new one on our way back? We need a second entree for Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala and Mexico. Thanx for all help, grt, Albert, Holland
Each country is different and it depends on your timing.

I know you can get a 6 month tip for Mexico and if you don't cancel it then you can reenter with it.

Guatemala gives you a 90 day tip. If you don't cancel it you can reenter with it.

Don't know about reentry in Honduras or Nicaragua, but Nicaragua only gives 30 day TIP. So, if they do allow reentry you would have to drive through Nicaragua, Costa, back through Costa and back through Nicaragua all in 30 days.

Another thing to consider in your timing is that if you do cancel your Guatemalan Tip you must stay out of the country for at least 90 days before they will issue you a new one.


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It includes good keys and photos for almost all of the reptiles so can be very helpful for IDing, but there is otherwise very little writing for most species.

For the 80 it costs it is well worth it.

If you are looking for information specific to Costa Rica you may be better off spending your money on another book specific to that country but for the other countries in Central America this book should at least cover all of the species you would come across.
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