cheap and ready for the road chevy sportvan for sale in mexico!!


New Overlander
Sep 9, 2015
it is really a perfect van for a couple of travellers, but could transport up to 5 very comfortable people. heres a little description. its an oldish model, 1988, but very solidly constructed! it has a v8 engine, power steering, and automatic gears. has california plates, all the paperwork is up to date, the tranference under mexican law can be done with a simple contract between the parts, but for more security if desired it can be done under a notary public .At a cruise speed of arround 50, 55mph it consumes about 200 mexican pesos of gasoline per 65 miles, though it can go faster but it would consume more. the previous owner (i have the receipts) changes the whole front suspension and transmission, it has new tires, including the spare, and i had the engined tuned, all sparkplugs cleaned and calibrated, changed all the engine oil, the powersteering oil and the whole coolant from the radiator less than a month ago, you are welcome to check the engine with a mechanic of your choosing, but it runs amazing and purrs like a kitten. i also changed the breakpads and front wheel bearings that were squeaking, and only would need to grease them next year. the inside is very ample, well isolated from the outside, and all carpeted, with great illumination. the back seat reclines and becomes a very confortable double bed, and we would include pillows and linens. it also has its kitchen, with 2 gas burning stoves and gas included, a sink with 2 water deposits, one for the clean and one for the waste water from dish washing, etc, that we also include all plates, pans, pots and cutlery, ready for the road, all kept in a litte 3 drawer case. i also installed a metal lockbox, locked with 3 padlocks under the backseat changed the upholstery of the front seats, and installed a brand new second battery, charged with the same alternator, and with two outlets in the back, to plug our included 12v easybreeze fan-tastic fan and the 12v coleman cooler/fridge that cools the insides to 20 degrees under the ambient temperature. We include a large 4 gallon recipient for drinking water, easily recharged in any drinking water plant for very little money, like 10 pesos for the whole thing. we also include a very silent and potent 110v fan, and its own extension cord to plug it in wherever you camp, it makes a whole lot of difference to sleep with a fan on in mexico, and the windows have mosquito nets to let fresh air in while camping, s well as a detachable mosquito net for over the bed. it has a radio casette stereo, but it also has an auxiliary to plug in your favourite mp3. we also bought a electric converter plugged in the car's cigarrette lighter and gives 110v electricity though a normal plug to charge laptops, camaras, etc, and also has a couple of usbs to charge the rest. we have driven this van though many roads, even gravel/dirt and never had a problem, it being quite high! it is very solid, quick responding, and can travel anywhere, it even has a set of snowchains, towropes, and ropes and bungee cords to secure whatever you'd like to the baggage holder on the roof. our mexican number is 5549597675 and we are available if you would like to see it, pictures will follow if interested . ideally we would like to keep it till late october preferably arround northen mexico, baja, guadalajara, or mexico city, but would regretfully part with it before. for the whole package we are asking for 3000 us dollars, but are open to hearing your offer. it is a great van that has given us a lot of happiness and memories, and we hope it will do the same for its new owners, any questions or pic requests (for some reason i cant upload pics)