China 2014


New Overlander
Nov 12, 2013
We are planning an overland trip to China in 2014, we have already explored various options and are waiting for a couple of tour companies to get back to us with news of other groups that we could join up with to help save on the costs.

One possible plan is to go Mongolia > China > Tibet > Nepal > India > Pakistan > China > Kyrgyzstan. Crossing China around September time would put us in Tibet/Nepal around October/November which is one of the best seasons, and mean we would be in Northern India for the winter which is a good time to visit. We could then aim for a late spring/early summer journey back to the UK.

We would consider other routes but we do not want to exit China into Laos.

Just wondering whether there is anyone else interested in these sort of timings? We are a couple with a 4x4 Mercedes 814DA camper truck.