Enhance your travel experience by volunteering

Gaila Gutierrez

New Overlander
Oct 18, 2013
If you want to volunteer while traveling but don't know where the opportunities are -- I have a suggestion.

A lot of people think about volunteering in exotic places like Africa, Asia, Peru, etc. which usually ends up costing a lot of money -- the volunteer vacations so to speak. Great idea, but not everyone has the money to pay to volunteer, especially when they're spending all your hard earned $$ to actually travel!

I traveled for 14 months on motorcycle through North and Central America in 2012/2013. I learned about the Muskoka Foundation at the Overland Expo in 2012 at the beginning of my journey. They played a key role in connecting me with opportunities in Mexico and Guatemala. Opportunities I would not have otherwise found on my own. I will say these experiences were highlights of my travels. You can check out some of my stories at www.overlandnow.com

But you don't have to travel to Africa or South America to find volunteering opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities right here in the US and Canada, only most people don't know the who, wheres or whats to get started. The Muskoka Foundation pairs travelers with these opportunities. I can't recommend them highly enough in getting you connected.

I'd be more than happy to elaborate if you are interested in learning about my experiences, how volunteering can enhance your travel experience. Whether its for a couple days or longer -- every bit helps those less fortunate.