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Not Expected to resume!!

Overland Discount – Good News!! – Updated 30 Jan 2015

Ferry Xpress, the company operating the Panama to Colombia Car Ferry across the Darien Gap is offering Overland Sphere Contributors a 15% discount on published shipping rates. (non-contributors discount may be given at our discretion)

If you would like to take up this offer please contact us via our Facebook Overlanding Group

We offer this booking service on a not for profit basis to give back to our contributors, which takes up a lot of our personal time (we are also on the road), and therefore the booking service is only for our members and contributors.

We would kindly ask for those who do take up the booking service to recognise our efforts and help us build our community by including us (overlandsphere.com) or our Facebook group in any posts about your experiences with Ferry Xpress.

If you do not intend to join / contribute to our community, we would kindly ask you to book through Ferry Xpress directly.

To sign up as a full contributing member please register here

Please note:

  • This is for new bookings / enquiries only – if you have already contacted Ferry Xpress for a quote, we are unable to help you!
  • Discount excludes taxes or other government fees
  • Discounts can not be shared
  • The booking is made directly with Ferry Xpress and subject to their terms, conditions and acceptance.
  • This offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice
  • Contributing Members = Members who share their website / blogs on OverlandSphere.com (we do not accept facebook pages)
  • Non Contributors must either be both an active member of our Facebook Group & Overland Forum for at least 30 days prior to booking. Active member = have posted to the group several time over the last 30 days.
  • Minimum lead time before sailing 7 days – (We may help out for urgent requests) The booking service provided by Overland Sphere does not constitute a commercial agreement in any way, we accept no responsibility or liability in any way in relation to bookings made through us

How to book

Please provide us the following information so that we are able to obtain you a quote:

  • Travelling from to: i.e Panama to Cartagena or Cartagena to Panama
  • Dates of Travel
  • Full Names & Date of birth of all Passengers
  • Vehicle Details (Make, Model, and Dimensions in metres)
  • Pullman Seats or Cabin (2 or 4 Person, Internal or external (more exp))
  • Copy of All passengers passports
  • Copy of Vehicle registration
  • *and If in Panama or Colombia, these documents will be required to finalise the booking
  • Copy of SOAT Insurance
  • Copy of TIP
  • Copy of DIJ (*Panama only)
  • Contributors your Website Address
  • Non Contributors – Your Forum user name, FB Name in our group & your website / blog address
  • How will you pay? At the FX office, by CC completing a form, or at the port in cash?
PM any of the FB Groups Admins for our email address,

Important – Booking or Quotation requests without all of the above will not be processed or responded to.

We are also travelling right now so please be patient and allow for us to take up to 3 working days to respond, although normally it would be the same day.

Once we have obtained your quote with your discount, we will then pass you over to our contacts at Ferry Xpress to make payment and finalise the booking,

    • Above all be patient, remember we don’t get paid for this, so please wait patiently for us to reply with your quote!
    • Do not under any circumstances contact FX directly once you have made a booking request with us, unless we ask you to. This can harm our relationship with them and your booking with us will be cancelled immediately, you will forfeit any discount offered!
    • Provide all information requested
    • If you wish to travel in the next couple of days, please contact Ferry Xpress directly, we are unable to process the booking or provide you a discount.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • In Cash at the port
  • By Credit Card, by completing a CC payment form and emailing it to ferry express (you will need to be able to print, sign & scan)
  • By Credit Card or cash at the FX office

Current Status

30/01/2015 – A one off service will take place on the following dates:

Monday February 2, 2015 From Panama – Cartagena
Tuesday February 3, 2015 From Cartagena – Panama

15/01/2015 – Ferry Xpress has not yet confirmed resumption of the full vehicle service, we expect some news the week ending 18 Jan 2015. Motorcycle and passengers are able to travel as normal

Old Updates:

02/01/2015 – Ferry Xpress has not yet confirmed resumption of the full vehicle service, we expect some news the week ending 9 Jan 2015. Motorcycle and passengers are able to travel as normal

29/12/2014 – Ferry Xpress are transporting Vehicles on January 5th from Panama to Cartagena and January 6 from Cartagena to Panama, only those two days.

As of the 4th of December Ferry Xpress has suspended shipping Motor Vehicles. Ferry Express has commented that the service may resume mid January 2015.

Motorcycles are being transported as normal.

For the latest status updates please check out Facebook Overlanding Group

Getting your DIJ

A DIJ is a police inspection of your vehicle, confirming it is not stolen or has been reported to the police for another reason.

To obtain your DIJ you must complete a police inspection in the morning, and then pick up your DIJ in the afternoon from the Dirección de Investigación Judicial.


    • Attend a Police inspection 8.966390, -79.544797 – You should arrive at the police office between 8am and 9am at the latest. Drive into the car park at the rear of police station, there will most likely be others there with their bonnets up. The police will check your vehicles registration documentation to your VIN and engine number. You will also need copies of your documents, Vehicle registration, Temporary import permit & passport, there is a copy shop just over the road from the car park (this would also be a good opportunity to get the copies required for customs etc when boarding the ferry, at least 4 copies of everything!). Once this is complete, they will authorise the office across the road to issue your DIJ Certificate.
    • At 2pm, go to the Dirección de Investigación Judicial 8.965612, -79.545415, this is located opposite the police station, across a dual carriage way. On the way in to the office building there is a small booth on the right. You have to give them some ID, preferably your driving license and obtain a visitors badge. Next walk straight into the building in front of you and ask for The Secretary General – DIJ Certificate. They will ask for some id and sign you in. A lady will come out to speak to you and ask for copies of your documents, make sure you have originals with you as they may also want to inspect these. They will take some time to process these and come back with your completed DIJ.

Documentation Requirements:

Panama requires cars to enter:

• Passport
• Vehicle Registration certificate
• Bill of lading or similar document
• Panama third party liability insurance

Panama needed to remove car:

• Bill of landing
• Certificate D.I.J
• Cancelled Temporary import Permit
• Copy of driver’s passport
• Copy of vehicle registration
• Panama insurance Policy
• Bill of landing

Required to enter Colombia Cart:
• Bill of Landing
• Temporary Import Permit
• Passport
• Vehicle Registration certificate

Colombia needed to remove car:

• Passport
• SOAT Insurance
• Cancelled Import Permit
• Vehicle Registration certificate

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