FOR SALE 1996 Ford Explorer @ Santiago de Chile


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I have a 1996 4WD Ford Explorer that I've been overlanding around South America for the past few months and need to sell this week (by Friday August 10th ideally) before flying home. It's a trusty steed that has taken me and my wife across sand, mud, snow and salt without flinching. Although it is a 1996 vehicle it is in very good condition mechanically and only has a couple of aesthetic details. The only issue is it sometimes waits a little too long to shift from 1st to 2nd, but it doesn't slip or jerk. The transmission was rebuilt before I bought it so it should be good for at least a few tens of thousands of km more. I'm asking 3000 USD but will likely not get more than 2000 USD from a car dealership (which is where I'll have to sell it later in the week if no-one else buys it) so please feel free to make your best offer. We would MUCH rather sell it to someone who is going to take it adventuring than to a city rat. It comes with snow chains, starter cables, fire extinguisher, spade and a couple other treats that will be useful for your adventures. Santiago de Chile only. You will need to already have a Chilean RUT to buy it. Please email if interested. Pics here: Ford Explorer - $ 2.000.000
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