For sale: a fully equiped van in Chile : Kitchen / Solar Panel / Oven / Blender / real bed / Alarm


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Jul 3, 2017
We are a French couple selling our amazing fully equipped van Hyundai H100 enhanced : El “Shanti”.

After having bought it 5 months ago in Punta Arenas and after a good road trip in Chile and Argentina we are going back to France!

It is an old van but freshly transformed by a frenchman 1 year ago and improved a lot by us. We thought to keep it for over a year but we have to go back France. We are the third owners since the transformation. It is very well thought and super functional. In chile it is a very common model which makes it to be discreet in case of parking in town; the maintenance is very cheap too. Driving it is very pleasant.

It clearly lets you go wherever you want, in any kind of environment, “off grid”, freely.

It has 2 batteries, one for the motor and one for the cell where we leave, connected in a network via a circuit breaker, which allows the charging either via the alternator or via the panels, or via both. The engine battery has been changed last year.

We took extra care of it and added shelves, small ties everywhere and installed:
- 1 alarm for the safety of your belongings.
- 150 W solar panel on the roof (mono crystallin ) with an MPPT regulator, always under guarantee.
- 1 battery for the cell, a Toyama's AGM Long Life 100Ah. We judged the old one to be too small, specially following the installation of the panels.
- 1 converter 500W 12V/220V pure sinusoid, which allows to charge laptops and phones safely. Even a blender ;)
- 4 new tires, wider than the previous ones.
- 1 new tap water, better than the old one.
- 1 new water pump.

He already had:
- 2 water tank of 20L each, connected to a small sink.
- 2 large LED ceiling lights.
- 1 fan (in case of big heat ).
- 1 LED spot above the sink.
- Finally, 2 spots in the back of the van, which illuminates : one the road in case of delicate move at night and the other to illuminate the kitchen.

Side functionality, it is endowed with a real mattress where we slept very well, which has the advantage of being very easily convertible, which allows to have a small living room to eat inside If the heat is not on the rendez-vous (which has been very useful in Patagonia typically ..). It has many storage inside. The kitchen is in a drawer at the back of the van, which saves space, and is protected by the trunk once opened.

It is fully equipped so that you can arrive and start your journey right away!

Small recap of all facilities:

- 2 pairs of keys and 2 remote control for the alarm.
- 1 bluetooth radio (USB, SD, Auxiliary ..). Removable facade.
- 2 JBL speakers ;)
- 1 mattress.
- 1 super duvet, 3 pillows + fitted sheet (adapted to the size).
- 1 folding table (convertible into coffee table).
- 2 folding chairs (type Quechua)
- 1 Cooler 30L.
- 1 Gas Bottle 5L for Chili + adjustable tensioner.
- 1 Gas Bottle 3L for Argentina + adapted tensioner.
- 1 bucket 20L.
- 1 Solar shower 12L.
- Tools (pliers, screwdriver ..).
- 1 towing strap.

- 1 extra tank of fuel of 20L.
- Plenty of boxes to store everything.
- 1 gas cooker with 2 fires.
- 1 removable oven for your diners, which goes on the 2 stoves.
- 1 blender
- Plates, cutlery, wooden spoons, glasses, cups, a whip, a steward, a spatula, a “marise”, a chopping board, a saucepan, a frying pan, a pancake pan…
- 1 extension cable of 20 metres.
- 1 steering wheel lock.
- 1 creek and its crank.
- 1 sun blocker when your park, to preserve from the heat.
- 1 holder for iPhone 4/5.
- 1 third battery backup with cable, never used except to help people in difficulty.

Mechanic Side
It is from 1996 and has for the moment 226 000 kms but we have just made the engine rectified by a professional in Santiago; We also changed the gear kit. It took us 3 weeks and the engine is now brand new (physically 0 Km) and is under warranty. It consumes between 9,5 and 12,5L/100km, in function of your driving. The former owner had changed the distribution and the alternator belt. You won’t have any problem with the vehicle, we took well care of it.

We will do an oildrain and change the filters too.

The bodywork is average, the tangles are related with its age and the front passenger seat is somewhat ripped. To be honest we could have put 300 euros to fix this, but we like a lot it like that, it gives it a robust and discreet look which is ideal for security and travelling with a free mind. All of South America is not super safe regarding the theft of "campers" or the road quality. With this van we have “local colors”, but with an hightech inside cell equipment and super comfort.

The papers are up to date (Technical inspection until January 2018, permit to circulate).

It is available in Santiago de Chile.

We sell it 7800 dollars / 7000 euros.

We will help you with the legal aspect, if you have any questions do not hesitate.

We will add more pictures soon to show you the solar panels, the new converter and the new shelve we added.
More photos on request too.

Jerome and Sarah,

Whatsapp : +33 6 471 44 471
email :



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Jun 23, 2020
England Radcliffe
Still dreaming of having a van and travel around the world. Actually, I can't find a cheap one. If it was the only problem, I would be the happiest. My hubby is not fine with my idea to travel around the world. He is not willing to leave home, job, and start something new. He even didn't want to renovate our living and kitchen. I suggested him to change the color to black because I found a nice sink from 10 Best Granite Composite Sinks Reviews (With Buyer’s Guide) - The Windup Space It's too cute not to buy it.
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