FOR SALE: Dodge Durango 1999


New Overlander
Dec 23, 2018
Hello panamerican travelers!

We are selling our beloved Monsterli, a Dodge Durango 1999 with canadian plates, plus a lot of equipment with a pain in our hearts. For all the great moments Monsterli could give us around South America we are tremendous thankful!

We'd like to hand it over to fellow travellers which like we always dreamt to start their great travel adventure in South America with a car. :)

The transfer could happen around Quito or Bogotá in January. Price is negotiable.

Some infos about the car:

Dodge Durango 1999 4x4 211'000 km, good condition V8 5.9L gasoline engine, automatic 7 seats, all rear seats fold flat meaning you can comfortably sleep in the back Regular services and maintenance carried out

Included Equipment:

6 person tent 1 double and 1 single air mattress (double fits in the back of the car) 1 foam sleeping roll 3 sleeping bags 2 camp chairs Cooler box Some cooking equipment Food storage box Some spare fluids Some tools ... and more If you feel interested to start the new year with a new car, feel free to contact me for further informations.

All the best
Stefan & Loretta