For Sale - Maggiolina Rooftop Tent - in UK


New Overlander
Jun 21, 2019
The day has finally arrived. After many years of travelling around the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, we have settled into retirement in the Highlands of Scotland. Our 25-year-old Jeep Cherokee is still going reasonably strong. But reluctantly we have concluded that we will not again be using our Maggiolina roof tent. For the past few years it has been suspended from the rafters of our garage. It has to go.....

It's a long shot, posting a For Sale ad into this forum, as the tent is really only on offer to people in - or likely to visit - the UK. Ideally I'd like the buyer to collect; but I'm willing to discuss arrangements to deliver it to anywhere in Scotland or Northern England.

The roof tent has only been used in hot, dry, desert conditions, never in humid or damp climates, and only for short-ish trips. It's been dry-stored for the past few years in my garage. So it's clean, unmarked and in good shape: no cracks or damage to the fibreglass shell, and the fabric is sound.

The tent is an earlier model with white fibreglass clamshell top and bottom, blue sidewalls, and the "gallery-style" bars on top to enable the storage of additional tyres and/or other equipment. It's a arge-sized model, approx 2.1m long by 1.3m wide, and comes complete with original ladder, foam mattress and cranking-handle to open and close the tent. I've added a 12v striplight to the interior. Also on offer are the Thule roofbars and mounting-brackets, and my own pulley-system designed to lift the roof-tent off the vehicle and hang it from the (garage) rafters).

Price is negotiable within reason. New models are listed in the UK at around £2,800. I'd be looking for about half that amount ....

BS 06 0076p - Jeep with rooftent.jpg BS 06 0079px - Jeep with rooftent in Nairn.jpg CIMG0081m.JPG BS 06 0081 - Jeep with rooftent in Nairn.jpg