FOR SALE NOW in Santiago, Chile - Toyota Hilux 4x4 Camper - $4,500 US OBO


New Overlander
Dec 26, 2016
Brad, our faithful steed that has taken us adventuring around Chile and Argentina, will be searching for new owners as our adventure comes to an end at the end of December. The vehicle is not for those looking for luxury and comfort at every turn and many of the bells and whistles have stopped ringing and whistling on this 89' Hilux Surf. Nonetheless, the important things work and it runs solid. We are 2 buddies in our mid 20's and we adventured the last few months and left our luxuries behind. We enjoyed getting to know the character of this car and we lived and slept happily and comfortably every night of the way. Upon selling it, it will be equipped to throw your bags in and go! We expect it to have around 270,000 kilometers when we come to sell it.

For Brad we are asking $4,500 US or best offer and will be selling him in Santiago NOW.

The diesel motor is very economic as diesel fuel is very affordable (ca. 70 cents per liter in Chile). The engine has got a 2.5 turbo diesel, It's manual transmission, 4X4, and has got a high clearance, which is perfect for a lot of smaller roads. It gets about 11km/l on the highway and a little less around town. As you don't need expensive computer diagnostics for the engine, it is also very convenient and affordable at the mechanic. Toyota Hilux It is a very common vehicle in Chile/South America, you can easily find a place to repair it, if something happens. 

The wooden sleeping platform is 1,90 x 1,40 m. with a foam mattress that was put in in July 2016.

Underneath it has got 4 big plastic boxes and 6 smaller boxes to store food, kitchen stuff, clothes etc..and more storage space. We also installed a hidden safe for valuables like computers, camera, important documents, etc. There is a lot of space behind the two front seats, and you can also put on back seat up, if you want space for one more person (Great for hitchhikers!).

It's come with the boxes, air compressor, 20l. jerry can, 20L water jug, fire extinguisher (need for controls in Argentina), different tools, shovel, spare tire, solar shower, towing cable, car jack, safety triangle/life jacket, some cooking/camping equipment (for more details contact us)...CD player /Radio/ AUX plug included! ;)

It's been well maintained and now it's nearly completely overhauled and the technical condition is very good to drive easily another 200 000 km.

• • Cylinder head of the motor is new July 2016
• • New diesel filter end of June 2016
• • Changed the cam/drive belt (April 2016).
• • The turboloader system is completely renews with guarantee (April 16)
• • The muffler is new
• • The injection nozzles are new
• • The starter is overhauled and the contacts are new as well, we have a second one which is working.
• • Engine is overhauled and all seals are new.
• • New Battery in March 2016.
• • In December 2015 the 4x4 diff locks were changed.
• • The control arms are new.
• • New front disks, brake pads, and rear drum breaks (October 2016) and some bits like hose clamps.
• • Also a part of the electric things are new such as the starter and all lights.
• • New glow plugs were fit in, oilfilters, airfilter, new head gasket for the engine block, new bearing seals
• • New front and rear shocks (October 2016)
• • New Engine Thermostat (October 2016)
• • We have most of the receipts for these repairs if needed.
• • *We bought the car from the 4th owners who also traveled with the car. The original owners did not use the car as a travel car.

You get all the necessary documents to hit the road asap: permiso de circulación (valid until March. 2017), revision técnica (valid until March 2017), emisión de gases and seguro obligatorio (valid until March 2017). We can also give you a permission to cross the boarders. It allows you to take the car out of the country right away, instead of waiting a few weeks to be able to receive the title in your name. The RUT number is the only official document you need to buy the car and we can help you with the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information! (We speak English and Spanish)

Check out the link below to see a quick video of Brad in action.

We look forward to handing off Brad for another adventure!

All the best,
Chris & Corey
WhatsApp: +1 707 344 4863