Free Land Cruiser for drive from Egypt to South Africa


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I am in the process of getting a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser trip ready for a drive up to Egypt from South Africa. The thought of the excessive shipping costs to get my car back was keeping me up one night when I had a thought: "Why not see if someone else would like to drive it back down!".

And that is what brought me to this thread. If you are interested in having the adventure of a lifetime driving my immaculately maintained Land Cruiser down from Egypt to South Africa let me know. If this works out it will be a win-win for everyone involved. Think of it as the Uber of overlanding :)

P.S. The car comes with a roof tent, two spare tyres, satellite phone, pretty much everything you can think of taking on an overland trip... (short of the kitchen sink).

Paul Geertsema

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Hi Ross

Great idea. If I knew I wouldn't have bought my own cruiser. What time will you end up in Egypt.

A other thing you need to look into is the carnet and vehicle registration papers that is in your name and that some one else need to get your vehicle across borders. This can be a problem. Hope not other wise the plan will not work.


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