Hello Everybody I'm Heiko Glander, Canadian, based in sunny Mallorca, Spain

Apr 12, 2018
I do world expeditions either with a 1988 Defender 110 with a chip tuned 300TDI engine (Whitey Sport) or a 2014 Defender 130 with a very nice fiber composite specially constructed flip top camper on the back (Whitey Deluxe). Both are designed for long range overlanding and have the full kit.

I have just finished a 30,000km segment of South America in Argentina and Chile and will continue in two months with a track from Montevideo to Lima, Peru.

In November 2018 I plan a 12 month trans Africa expedition. West or East coast is not decided.

In 2015 I drove from Barcelona to Vladivostok including a big loop through Mongolia (35,000km)
In 2014 I drove a short but incredibly beautiful trip through Tunisia including visiting the 'legendary hidden lake", Lac Legendaire, to experience some incredible sand driving.
In 2013 I drove from Barcelona north through the Baltic States and Finland to reach North Cape and then turned east to Murmansk and did large loops through European Russia until I reached utterly spectacular terrain in the Caucasus before returning to western Europe via the Ukraine (about 30,000km)
In 2012 I did my first sampling of the Balkan States starting in Hungary and Slovakia and then continuing to Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia. Beautiful mountains and remote sections down there, but still traces of the war.
In 2011 I started serious overlanding with a 6 week test drive through Poland and another 4 weeks in Czech Republic.

I also do a lot of backpack tours to places where it doesn't make sense to take your vehicle. (mainly islands, like Sao Tome and Principe for example)