Hello from Baja California Mexico


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Feb 21, 2019
Hello everyone, my name is Alberto, im 23 years old and im from Baja California, Mexico.

I've always been an outdoors enthusiast, i like hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. I used to have an 05 golf gti as my daily driver, it was a pretty fun car to drive around but when i started to go outdoors more and more i found the need to a more suitable car for the job, im new in this whole overland world but not in off roading in general, i had previous experience with rockcrawling in my dad's 99 xj wich was setup for this activity. The timing was perfect because as my dad wanted to get rid of the xj, i was looking for a 4wd vehicle, long story short, i sold my car and purchased my dads xj.

As my research indicates is a solid platform for a budget oriented build: it is rellliable, very easy to maintain, cheap to fix, a lot of aftermarket support, very good off road capabilities. As i mentioned the rig was setup for mild rockcrawling, good for me it already has 33 inch tires, lift kit, and some armor, i'll be doing a build thread later in the changes that i need to do to make this more suitable for camping and long travel rather than pure trail driving.