Hi and thanks for having me..

Oct 10, 2017
I am based in Australia and plan to move to Spain in coming months and use that as a base to explore Europe and Africa.

We will purchase a used LHD 4x4 overland camper, Unimog, Merc Iveco or similar. Most of the time it will be the 2 of us plus dog, but we expect friends to join us along the way so 4-5 seats is ideal.

I have done quite a few overland(ish) trips by motorbike (Oz, NZ, Sth America, Africa) and was a crew member at the 2014 Dakar. I am confident using 4x4's off road but a terrible mechanic... so a well services, robust, simple and easy to obtain spares for vehicle is a must.

I have a couple of simple questions:

Where is the best place to discover vehicles for sale? I have spent untold hours in recent months online and the obvious places that come up in search engines have few vehicles and don't appear to get much in new for sale? Any insight appreciated.

Also the dumb question of the day/week. When you purchase a vehicle, register it for a year and 1 year later are in deepest / darkest Africa how do you re-register it? Most overland journeys by 4x4 of any time, must face this issue and I ma yet to see how this is managed? Again any insight greatly appreciated.

Thanks and let me help with any questions re Oz off-road trips.