How to choose and buy your first windsurfing


New Overlander
Mar 24, 2019
My topic is for "amateurs" who want to buy equipment for themselves, for fun. For those who do not have a coach. Hereinafter we will talk about windsurfing equipment. The theme is eternal: how to choose the right equipment and how to buy it correctly. Especially by the beginning of summer, great demand begins.

Beginners are digging the Internet ( Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP & Wetsuits - EASY SURF Shop ) in search of the "best" offers for sale, some were not even too lazy to create a "Buy" theme. But as practice shows, most of those who want to replenish the army of surfers have no idea what they need.
1. Do not know if they need surf at all.
2. How often and where exactly will they skate, at least their first season.
3. They don't understand that surfing is NOT a cheap pleasure. There are, of course, people who are not financially constrained and who can buy any equipment.