How to deal with vehicle MOTs when out of the country for more than 12 months

Overlanding Ambulance

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Oct 6, 2019
We are about to embark on our own expedition in our Land Rover Defender Ambulance in October. However, we have had a spanner thrown into the works and was wondering how others deal with it.

We are driving for more than 12 months (2-3 years to be more precise). Our concern is the UK MOT. Most insurance companies require you to have a valid MOT which you can’t have if you are out of the country for >12m. Some companies will cover you but you need to export the vehicle however we aren’t moving abroad so don’t have an address/country to export to as such.

We saw somewhere online people mentioned having MOT extensions but after much brain aching conversations with the DVLA this is something they say they don’t do. We are at a loss as to how to keep ourselves insured on the trip without having to back track to the UK in 12 & 24m just to have a MOT completed.

Any thoughts, comments, possible contacts would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks Lawrence & Rachel. The Overlanding Ambulance

Cloud 9

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May 3, 2020
It depends where you are going.

If you are remaining in Europe then there is no choice but to return every 12 months to get it done. This won't be an issue as post Brexit you will be back every 90 days anyway.

However, most countries elsewhere will not require a UK MOT. Insurance is sourced locally and is usually 3rd party only.

At most when obtainingvthis tgeyvwill simply want to see the the vehicles registration document and your Driving licence. Some wont even require this.

Although technically illegal most British Overlanders will opt to SORN their vehicles as oppose to export them.

By doing this your DVLA record remains live and easier to resurrect upon return. Although as said this isn't strictly legal.

Hope this helps