Insurance North America (Canada USA) foreign vehicles


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Apr 17, 2020
Insurance North America (Canada USA) foreign vehicles
As most are aware it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to obtain insurance in North America.
Thum insurance has recently stopped insuring converted vehicles, i.e. they will only cover standard motorhomes for the USA & Canada, not expedition Trucks or converted 4x4's (USA only).

Important - if you are looking for insurance for North America do not ask your shipping agent to obtain insurance for you, some agents have been known to take commission on the sale of insurance, this can increase the amount you pay by 15 to 20%. So please contact the insurer direct (all the contact details needed below), and do not fill in and send any forms to your shipping agent, as this will already lock in the inflated price.

Important notes
Generally speaking it is really hit and miss, some people get insurance straight away online without any problems whatsoever.
Others go through the entire list, and then have to resort to phoning up local brokers.
Most people have reported being able to provide a USA address, helps significantly.
You also need to be aware that depending on where you enter North America, may affect your eligibility for some of the insurances, i.e. some USA insurers will not insure you If your port of is in Canada.
If you are in the situation where you can get insurance from a US insurer but are planning on shipping to Canada, we would advise shipping to the USA, it is not any more burdensome or a problem, just a couple of forms, and maybe $150-$200 more expensive. (it's a bit of a travellers myth about it being difficult to enter for RORO the USA by sea, for containers there is a cost risk if pulled for an inspection)
*It's important that you fully read and understand the terms conditions of your insurance, that it covers your personal circumstances, and your vehicle ( especially if it has been modified in any way) and the levels of insurance provided.

List of insurers
Specifically for Canada
Mexico there are a number of online insurers:

Your experiences
If you have recently obtained insurance in North America, please could you and your experiences as a comment to this post, we will then try and keep this thread updated with the latest news.