International Driving Licence (IDP) - Overland Travel


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May 26, 2013
International Driving Permits, ever wondered where they are recognised and required for overland travel?

There are actually two types of IDP, a 1926 & 1949 Convention International Driving Permit. Most countries recognise / require the 1949 permit.

Technically many countries require you to have in your possession both your national driving licence and your IDP, however in practice very few countries actually ask for it.

I think we have only been asked for it in Indonesia, one central American country and somewhere in asia, maybe Azerbaijan. Most motoring organisations recommend holding one for the majority of countries that recognise the IDP..

Although not all countries will ask for your IDP, they are cheap & easy to get hold off, so you may as well just get one prior to travelling.

Here is our map on the “official” requirements for a UK licence holder. Home - Overlanding Association (Note change the layer to IDP)

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