Just wanted to say hello.

Aug 15, 2017
Thanks for letting me join your group.
Me and my wife Jenny,set off on a solo around the world trip in June 2014,we travelled from U.K.,to Zeebrugge,and went up through the Baltics,finally entering Russia and spending 1 month traversing most of the country before boarding a ferry across to Turkey,we tried to get visas for Iran and Parkistan but found we could only get them in the UK!
So we had to bite the bullet and ship the bike to Kathmandu,very costly!
We spent over 3 months in Nepal,such a Fantastic country,before heading into India another fantastic country and spending 6 months there,then into Myanmar,Thailand,Malaysia and Borneo.
We travelled 22,000 miles,over 20 countries and 18 months,before i had to be airlifted back to UK for open heart surgery.
Now fully recovered and want to continue where we left off.