Kenya Temporary Import - Vehicle (car,4x4, Motorbike) - No Carnet required? (TIP)

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To enter into Kenya with a motor vehicle, Carnet issuers and even the Kenyan Revenue Authorities website says that you must have a Carnet.

However, when we exited Kenya a few days ago, we asked the customs officers whether it was possible to arrange a temporary importation of the vehicle on a TIP.

He said it was possible to enter with a TIP, however you would have to pay a bond equivalent to the import duties and tax that would be due if you were actually importing the vehicle into Kenya.

*Note they strongly recommend using a Carnet….

We spent about half an hour with one of the officers going through examples of the calculations of the CIF value and the duties that would need to be paid.

Taxes & Duties
  • Import Duty: 25% of the (CIF value of the vehicle)
  • Excise Duty: 20% of the (CIF value + Import Duty)
  • VAT: 16% of the (CIF value + Import Duty + Excise Duty)
  • IDF: 2.25% of the (CIF value) or Ksh. 5,000, whichever is higher is payable.
Examples of the amount of duties that would need to be paid/deposited as a bond on a vehicle with a value of $5,000 Usd.

We have created a Kenyan duty calculator which incorporates the latest CRSP data (Oct 2015). Please feel free to download and use the excel template. (*for non-commercial use).

  • We do not know how much an agent would cost!!
  • Customs are free to decide the value of your vehicle for customs purposes, they may accept your valuation if you vehicle is mot listed on the CRSP
  • There may be problems for vehicles over 8 years old as these are banned for full import in to the country (check with customs in writing first)
  • References CRSP – 2015, Kenyan Customs

In order to temporarily import your vehicle, you will need to carry out the following, the process to enter can take from 1-7 working days:
  • Appoint an Agent – Kenyan Clearing Agents (prior to entering Kenya)
  • Pay the bond amount calculated
  • Go to the border/customs with evidence of your bond payment
  • Obtain a TIP (max 3 months)
  • *It is recommended to obtain your Kenyan visa in advance, rather than on arrival.

Exiting Kenya
  • Exit the country – cancel the TIP
  • Send a copy of the cancelled TIP to the customs agent to arrange repayment of the bond (may take 1 – 30 days)

*Further notes

The information above was provided by a customs officer on the border
The information has not been verified as we are not aware of anyone who has entered Kenya without a Carnet
Depositing money with a foreign customs department, in a country with a high risk of corruption is not advised.
We would recommend before committing to travelling to Kenya without a Carnet, you verify the process with customs and an agent.

If you do enter Kenya without a Carnet on a TIP, could you please update this thread for others also looking to do the same.


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My Overland Adventure

Around the World in a Land Cruiser
A quick update on this:

We have met people in Egypt, who with a SA vehicle were able to enter Kenya without a Carnet, or Paying a bond, they entered the country with the vehicle on a 7 day Transit TIP.

There was no cost for the Transit TIP.

I doubt many people would only want a week in Kenya but its an option if you are stuck!


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please clarify for me as im an idiot

i have my RE Ls - have a bike - been riding it

if i get caught doing this on my Ls without shadow i will be done for riding out of class rather than no license? the penalty will be 150 clams no points?
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