Kenya to Ethiopia Via Marsabit and Moyale or Loyangalani/Lake Turkana, crossing at Fort Banya?

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May 29, 2014
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We are looking to cross from Kenya to Ethiopia in a couple of weeks. It looks like there are two routes to cross the border, the main one via Marsabit and Moyale which sounds like it may not be the safest road in the world, and the other which seems very remote via Loyangalani/Lake Turkana, crossing at Fort Banya.

Driving solo, is the Lake Turkana route do-able/recommended? I understand, on this route, you are required to have your carnet and passports stamped out in Nairobi as there is no one on the border to do it. I’m not sure about the Ethiopian side...

Has anyone travelled any of these routes recently and give any advice as to which route would be best? Thanks!

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