Land Rover Discovery 200tdi / Overland Project


New Overlander
Nov 28, 2022
My beloved 1992 Land Rover Discovery 1 /200tdi/ is up for sale!

I bought the truck with the intention of fully restoring it, plus modifying it in order to make it an "overland" vehicle. I bought another running Disco 200tdi to use as a "donor". The concept has changed though, and I have to sell both trucks in order to move on with the overland project.

I am looking to sell everything at once. I'd love to see it fully restored one day, hopefully it will find a new home where it will serve its next owner as faithfully as it has served me!

I am looking to sell the following:
  • 1 (one) fully operational Discovery 200tdi in great running condition (in dare need of body replacement though). Utilized as a daily driver, the truck comes with all its gear - 4" lift, 275/70/16 AT tires, snorkel, LED bar, roof rack, storage box, 2 x Jerry cans, Hi-Lift, front winch, recovery gear, etc.
  • 1 (one) Discovery 200tdi for spare parts (at this point the truck is almost completely stripped down)
  • Additional 200tdi engine
  • All kinds of additional parts: extra alternator (3 in total), belts, u-joints, etc.
In total: 2 (two) Discoveries (at least one spare part for every element of the vehicle), plus 3 (three) engines!

Total price for the above-listed package: 7 000 euro

Feel free to share, and spread the word. Currently both trucks are located in Bulgaria. Please reach out in case of any questions!

Phone number: +359879273355