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May 26, 2013
When deciding choosing an overland vehicle you should take into account restrictions the may apply due it being a right hand drive or a left hand drive vehcile.

Be aware of the issues, where you can and can not drive with a RHD drive vehcile.

Currently we are not aware of any restrictions of driving with a LHD, but there are sometimes issues in Central & South America in addition to parts of the middle east.

Many people have successfully driven around the world in a RHD, the rules and restrictions change frequently, and so does the rules applied at the borders.

Below is map of known restrictions and issues.

Left hand Drive - Right Hand Drive - Overlanding Association
hi everyone!
beside the official laws...what are your personal experiences? is it difficult/annoying/whatever to have a RHD vehicle while driving on the "wrong" side of the road?
I just remember a 3weeks holiday, years ago, in ireland with my german car. pretty annoying if you don't have a passenger and you get pulled over or need to stop on a tollroad ;)

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May 29, 2014
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Generally for me it was not a problem, as you mentioned if you are on your own, toll booths, paying for parking means leaning over or getting out the vehicle but not too much of a problem.

However if you have someone else with you, they do all of that for you :)

Getting pulled over is normally quite funny, the police will start asking the passenger for their details, after a bit of toing and throwing pointing at the steering wheel they finally catch on the steering wheel is on the other side...

For me, we drove to 70 countries, the only one which was a problem was Colombia due to the amount of trucks on the road and the need to keep overtaking, having to trust the co pilot each and everytime was quite tiresome.

Otherwise i did not find it an issue and after a week or two you get use to it,

For some countries like India and Pakistan i was glad to back on the UK side of the road, i would not have liked driving there being on the wrong side of the vehicle.

Where are you planning to travel to?


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Nov 4, 2020
Really useful information, and the main thing that led me to the forum.

As a UK resident RHD is prevalent, and therefore easier/cheaper than LHD to source...so question would be are the countries that limit entry a significant loss to omit from any RtW agenda?


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Nov 23, 2020
Despite the conflicts in some countries the Middle East has some beautiful areas, but -
Saudi Arabia does not allow right hand drive vehicles.
Lebanon has restrictions on diesel cars.