Looking for a family overland vehicle


New Overlander
Oct 11, 2020

I hope this is the right location to post this, if not, let me know or move it!

We are a soon to be family of four and plan to spend ~9 month in South America overlanding. We are trying to figure out what the ideal vehicle would be. We were looking a Sprinter Van type vehicles, pick ups with a cabin and possibly some slightly bigger truck type vehicle. What we are looking for is:
  • 4x4 capability to go off road but nothing super serious going throught the most difficult tracks etc.
  • sit and sleep 4 (2 adults one being 200cm in height and 2 small(ish) children aged 1 and 3)
  • working at low (sub zero) temperatures (not Russia in winter but Andes or Norway in spring)
  • ability to cook and sit indoors when it is raining
  • not super expensive (i.e. 100.000 USD high end vehicles) but we won't mind spending 5k more if its worth it
  • toilet in some shape or form would be nice

We did a trip when we had no children with a Toyota Landcruiser and a roof top tent (which got stolen in Kazakhstan but well) and liked it a lot but would prefer something slightly more "comfortable" and roomy with the kids.

Thanks to all of you for advice!