m&m on the road

Apr 24, 2018
Hello everybody,
this forum was recommended to us by friends who made similar trip as we are planning right now. We are getting close to the end of our USA journey and planning next steps. Right now our car is getting some regular service maintenance and tune up before we head even more south.

Last four years we were living in Northern British Columbia - Canada. During that time we explored most of BC, west Alberta and little bit of Yukon. Last spring took very long to arrive and we decided that we can not handle it any longer so we set our minds on exploring warmer parts of the continent. This February we left freezing BC covered in meters of snow and couple months later here we are in scorching Arizona admiring cacti taller than houses.

Our plan is to go as far as our budget and enthusiasm will take us. Preferably all the way to Patagonia. We are driving Nissan X-Terra, converted for sleeping inside. M&M stands for Mira & Martina. On our trip we have several goals and dreams we want to fulfill. We are both trained foresters and share enthusiasm for nature, traveling and learning about places we are visiting. Mira is passionate fisherman, cook, sportsman and musician. Martina is craft inclined, likes to read and learn about anything that will catch her interest.

If you see us traveling through Central America come to say hi!