Mechanics & Spare parts in Nairobi, Kenya

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May 29, 2014
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Here is a list of Mechanics and spare parts suppliers in Nairobi or people who can help.

Jungle Junction Many people have Recommend Jungle Junction, not only do they have a workshop where you can carry out your own repairs, staff who can work on repairs but they will also point you in the direction.

Map GPS -1.3634225,36.7398374
Kongoni Rd, Nairobi City, Kenya
+254 722 752865

Ndovu Holdings - General repairs and maintenance Reportedly quite expensive but

Schumacker 4x4 - Land Rover servicing rebuild and parts for 4x4 accessories. Reportedly quite expensive

Robs Magic - Suspension / 4x4 specialists they also manufacturer some of their own parts. Prices for items were a little cheaper than Toyota on some but not all itmes

Impala Auto - For a range of after market spares

New world Auto - General repairs and maintenance

Alfa Motors -
Toyota dealer & Service centre

Toyota Kenya - Nairobi - Labour rates around $40 per hour + vat, parts are expensive compared to European OEM prices. They did not appear to have a lot of items in stock, lead times were 3-4 weeks for some parts

It has been suggested on the street there is a "Local" and foreigner price, to it pays to have a local obtain the parts for you.

Importing parts in to Kenya can be problematic, with a % of duty and tax charged, and a base fee of around $50 just to declare the goods.

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