Morocco Ferries - COVID - Motorhomes: your questions about ferries


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May 26, 2013
Source: French Consulate
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Do the maritime links allow you to reach France by motorhome?
Maritime connections from and to Morocco are suspended:
Connections between Tangier and Algeciras are completely interrupted until further notice.
Connections between Tangier and the other European ports remain exceptional, and subject, on a case-by-case basis, to the authorization of the Moroccan authorities. Two Balearia ferries bound for Sète embarked on March 30 and April 2 the motorhomes who were stranded next to the port of Tanger Med, as well as all those who had been able to book a ticket and return to Tangier. Two CNG ferries also loaded vehicles on April 7 and 21, bound for Genoa.
The land borders with Spain in Ceuta and Melilla have been closed since midnight on March 23, in accordance with the decision of the Spanish authorities. This closure was extended until midnight May 15 due to the local health situation due to Covid-19, and is likely to be extended.

Will ferries be set up to allow me to reach France?
Ferries of the Italian company GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) continue their activity from Tanger Med. Boats are planned for May to Genoa and Sète. Consult the company's website, , on which tickets can be purchased.

Be careful however! These connections are subject, on a case-by-case basis, to the authorization of the Moroccan authorities. The situation being very evolving and the regular maritime links with Morocco being suspended, changes may occur (dates of departure of the boats, destinations).

The French Embassy in Morocco and the consulates general are mobilized, in conjunction with the GNV company, so that the latter can obtain the authorizations of the Moroccan authorities to embark vehicles on the maritime links scheduled to depart from the port of Tangier.

At this stage, the next ferries to Sète are scheduled for May 12 (replacing May 8) and May 16.
For ferries operating between Tangier and Genoa, it is not recommended to book a ticket to Barcelona, due to restrictions on entry into Spanish territory. If you already have a ticket to Barcelona, it is recommended to request a change from GNV.
Ferries from Nador are also very uncertain at this point.

How do I get a ferry ticket?
You must contact GNV to obtain a ticket from Tanger Med.
If you already have a ticket on a ferry that has been canceled, you must request GNV to transfer your ticket to the ferry to the nearest date. So, if you have a ticket for the May 8 ferry to Sète, it is recommended that you ask GNV to transfer you to the May 12 ferry.

Will I be able to board a ferry if I am not in a motorhome?
Only travelers with a vehicle (motorhome or automobile) registered in Europe exclusively can benefit from exceptional authorizations from the Moroccan authorities to embark on ferries bound for Genoa or Sète.
Pedestrians are not allowed to board these ferries.

How can I get around to Tangier Med?
Due to local containment measures (state of health emergency extended until May 20), the Moroccan authorities do not allow any interurban traffic.
If you depend on the Consulate General in Agadir ( La circonscription consulaire ), it is necessary to contact us so that we can facilitate the procedures for obtaining a traffic authorization in order to allow you to join Tanger Med, following the following procedure:

1. As soon as you have a GNV ferry ticket, you can request a traffic certificate by filling out the online form: request-for-travel-certificate-for-tangier-med-1586621860 . If you have already completed this form, we have registered your request, there is no need to contact us again.

2. As soon as GNV receives authorization from the Moroccan authorities to embark vehicles on a ferry, 3 or 4 days before the departure date, the consulate transmits the list of passengers, camping by campsite, to the authorities of the Wilaya and to the Ministry inside. At the same time, a certificate from the consulate, intended to facilitate the obtaining of traffic authorizations by the Moroccan authorities, is also sent to you by email. This certificate is not an authorization to circulate, only the Moroccan authorities being empowered to issue it.

3. Based on the passenger list of the ferry, the Wilaya then gives its instructions to the competent authorities (kingpin, pasha, circle chief) to issue each passenger with a travel authorization to go to Tangier Med. The authorities will endeavor to go to the campsites for the issue of permits. If this is not the case, it is recommended to contact the person in charge of your campsite to put you in touch with the Moroccan authority, and show in support of your request the certificate issued by the consulate.
As soon as you have the traffic authorization issued by the Moroccan authorities, you can go to Tanger Med: in order to respect the state of health emergency, you are asked not to leave the highway until your destination, and to use the highway areas in case of overnight stop.