Morocco to Mauritania Border - Date of Crossing - JANUARY 2018


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Apr 17, 2020
The exit from Morocco is pretty easy as borders go. No hassle at all from anyone. The Mauritania border is pretty typical with touts, fixers, money men and sim cards. Its wasn't at all difficult. Some pictures below of the places you need to go for the process. You can get a fixer to help for 5€ or there abouts so if its your first real border this makes it easier. Its really not needed though. They will latch on to you as soon as you arrive but just say you do not need help, thanks.

Morocco Exit 1.JPG
First Queue straight infront in this shot. Park at the side of the line of trucks and walk over. They might give you foreign priority and push you to the front. This is Passport only if I recall although I think they needed to see the Moroccan TIP but this has been scrapped now for who knows. The Last Queue shown in this shot is a walk back from the exit gate. Its on the left when walking back and its a small office window with one guy. Its the first one on the left in the "island" in the complex.
Morocco Exit 2.JPG

Morocco Exit 3.JPG
This is the bypass to the XRAY. The guys will want to see all sorts of stuff both outside and inside the XRAY. Its normally what they call the "Carte Gris" but this could be both your nations vehicle registration or the Morrocan TIP paperwork which is now scrapped so who knows what you will show in future.

Morocco Exit 4.JPG

Morocco Exit 5.JPG

Park in the XRAY and get out. When finished move car out of XRAY and park up. Wait for your stamped Morrocan Paper. Drive over to the far side of the Truck and the guy might want to take a look inside. Not an inspection just nosey. If they see anything on the XRAY they will want to look at it. They missed various drones in multiple cars and wanted to see some bottled water.....must have looked like something else.

Mauri 1 and 2.JPG
Snake through the horrendous no mans land of wrecked cars. Arrive at the gate and park on the left after the white building. Walk back to the office marked 1 above then go to office 2. The ladies queue separately from the men in office 2. This is where you pay for the Visa and take the photos and fingerprints. We also exchanged our money here and decided not to get a sim card just yet. Visa is 55€.
(got the card in town) Sim Mauritel 100MRU. Inc 500MB. Top up 1GB valid 7 days 100MRU via scratch card's. Three shops tried 500MRU for 1GB but its only 100.
Mauri 3.JPG

Office 3 vehicle fee 10€. Go inside there's a building on the right with an open door. Go in there and its first on the left.
Mauri 4.JPG

Last office. Police check. Yellow building....and off you go. If you get insurance there's is a small cafe on the left after the gate. The Assurance office is inside the first door on the left there's a desk. If hes there! guy is super helpful. If he's not there go to town and buy it there. Its 1275MUR for 30 days. Which is the max. duration. They sell it 10 and 20 days also i think. Maybe less that 10 also. There seems to be a price list for Foreign insurance and it seems to be fixed price. We got ours in town. No problems.