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May 26, 2013
Thailand New Rules Update:

It appears that the new rules for entry into Thailand may now be in place from the 27th of June. (we are seeking confirmation from Thai Authorities of all the facts Thailand Transport Application)

It would appear from the information posted below that:

• Only the following type of vehicles are allowed to apply for temporary permit:
1) Passenger car comprising no more than 9 seats including the driver’s seat
2) Pick-up truck having maximum gross permissible weight no more than 3,500 kilograms
(no mention of Motor Bikes, we are looking for clarification)

• Application Period: The application for temporary permit must be submitted no less than 10 working days before entering Thailand

• Place for Submission: The Provincial Land Transport Office located within the same province as the entry boundary, through a Travel Agency or online here: Thailand Transport Application (we do not have confirmation wether you need to go through an travel agency or not, it appears you may be able to complete this online yourself)

• Length of Permission will be based on itinerary but no more than 30 days per application. No more than total of 60 days can be granted within a calendar year

• The vehicle must enter and exit the Kingdom through the boundary post of the same province.

• Documents required:
1) Photocopy of applicant’s passport with no less than 6 months of validity and photo copy of a passport page with entry visa unless the applicants come from one of the visa exempt countries
2) Photocopy of driving license with no less than 6 months of validity
3) Photocopy of vehicle registration certificate that has validity covering the whole period of vehicle use in Thailand and a letter of consent for vehicle use in the case that the applicant is not the vehicle owner as stated in vehicle registration certificate
4) At least one photo of the vehicle in colour showing license plate and overall physical appearance
5) Vehicle inspection certificate
6) Photocopy of proof of a compulsory motor vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance. The third party liability insurance must meet the required coverage minimums, including:a. 1,000,000 THB of loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health, per person in an accident .b. 1,000,000 THB of property damage liability per accident.
7) Travel itinerary stating place of accommodation, duration of stay, entry and exit boundary post, arrival and departure date, etc.Every document must be accompanied by Thai or English translation.25.

• Fees applied includes:1) Temporary use of vehicle for tourism application fee 500 THB 2) Issuance of temporary permit 500 THB7.

Another page states the following:
Also, vehicle owner or driver(s) must uphold these following conditions while driving in Thailand:
1. Abide by Thai laws on motor vehicle, road traffic and other related laws.
2. Place the temporary permit in the vehicle where it is visible at all times.
3. Use only the permitted vehicle solely in the province specified in the temporary permit.
4. The vehicle must enter and exit the Kingdom through the boundary post of the same province.
5. The vehicle must leave the Kingdom by the end of the permission period except in the case of emergency or unexpected circumstance.

****Note item 4 !!!****

For complete rules and application forms see the following links
Thailand Transport Application
Thailand Transport Application
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May 26, 2013
Update on Thailand new rules:

The new rules are administered by the Department of Land Transport; they can be contacted via or if you want their tel no. please pm me.

The information below has been provided by Department of Land Transport,

Entering and Exiting different Borders

You may enter and exit different borders, provided you apply 30 days in advance asking for an exception, and provide the additional information below (as noted in point 12 in the update summary)

· Letter to Director-general of Thailand Department of Land Transport stating the necessity of using vehicle within the Kingdom of Thailand. The letter must be issued and certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country to which the vehicle is registered or other competent authority assigned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

· Letter by the travel agency verifying its full responsibility in managing and supervising tourists to follow Department of Land Transport’s condition

Types of Vehicles

· Cars, pickups trucks under 3500kg & Motorcycles (same rules & procedures) are able to apply for a permit

· Motorhomes under 3500kg are not normally allowed, however they will consider applications for a permit on a case by case basis

· Vehicles over 3500kg are not allowed (differing reports on this so we are seeking clarifications), however they are looking into the possibility of entering / transiting as a commercial vehicle.

Applying for a Permit

You must apply through a valid Thai tour agency they must be listed as an inbound and outbound. If entering and exiting via the same border you must apply 10 days in advance. If seeking any type of exception, you must apply at least 30 days in advance.

Transitional arrangements

At the moment, all travellers can apply for temporary permit regardless of the 30 days requirement due to the fact that right now it is still the transition period from the old regulation into the new one. They will try to accommodate as much as possible, but everyone should take into account of the processing time. Please see the (12) of the attached summary for additional documents regarding the application for exception.


Insurance & IDP are mandatory

Further updates

We have a call scheduled with International Transport Affairs Group next week, if you have anything that you would like us to clarify or raise on your behalf please let me know.

All updates will be posted to this thread in our Asia Group: Log into Facebook | Facebook

Note: Updated rules can be read here: Log into Facebook | Facebook