New Panama to Colombia Car Ferry information & Prices


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This is the website of the new ferry service from Panama to Colombia which is due to commence towards the end of October.

The ferry service will be available to the pubic and will transport motorcycles, cars, RV's, motorhomes & trucks on the roll on roll off service (RORO).

The ferry will depart on Monday and Wednesday from Panama to Colombia to return to Panama on Tuesday and Thursday. The trip will take around 18 hours.

The total cost of service currently appears to be cheaper than shipping your vehicle by container, and flying or sailing to Colombia.

If this new service succeeds, it will make overlanding to and from South America so much easier.

Below are the published rates from the website, (subject to change).

This is a link to the full FAQ's translated to english:
Pan Ferry.jpg
Currently, it is not clear whether it is mandatory to buy a return ticket or not. If anyone has any additional information please post it here.



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