New Toyota Hilux 2021 for overlanding


New Overlander
May 10, 2021
Tuscany, Italy
Hello everyone,
I'm about to purchase a new Toyota Hilux from a dealer in Italy, 2.4 diesel, single cab with a plan to make a flatbed camper. I wanted to buy a used euro 4, but couldn't find any single cab with 4x4 available in all of Italy, so I'm going with the new one.

I'm concerned with the reliability of electronics, availability of AdBlue around the world, mainly in Africa and South America. Also, I've heard about altitude problems of new euro 6 diesel engines. I couldn't find anything about the Hilux, but I'd like to be able to go up to 5000m in Bolivia for example.

Do you guys have any experience and know anything about these new vehicles?